Fanny Vandesande (º1984) works closely with Platform-k as an artistic collaborator, mentor, choreographer and teacher. In that collaboration, she worked as artistic coach and performer for ‘A BIGGER THING’ at Opera Ballet Vlaanderen led by Lisi Estaras (2022). Besides she is also part of the artistic team of LEON.DANCE led by Seppe Baeyens where she collaborate as a performer, maker-research on participation, accessibility and diversity. In 2021, she took on the choreography of 'DAS NARRENSCHIFF ' led by Sahar Rahimi (produced by Monster Truck, Platform-K & NTGent) which toured internationally.

As a performer, she participated in Milo Rau's ‘THE GHENT ALTARPIECE’ in 2018. As an artistic coach and performer, she collaborated with Mus-e, Campo & Les Ballets C de la B for 'Day of Dance' for the project ‘LE SACRE’ (2018). In addition she also collaborated as choreographer with "Victoria Deluxe" for YOUnited9000 (2019). Furthermore she worked closely as a performer, workshop facilitator and choreographer with TALK-Gent Bougement. There, she made ANT AND.. which was toured both nationally and internationally. As a performer, she was also introduced to United Cowboys' ‘Nude Studies’ (2012) and Jenufa (De Munt/ La Monnaie, 2014) directed by Alvis Hermanis and choreographed by Alla Sigalova. Between 2006 and 2008, she collaborated as a performer with local dancers and choreographers in Java, Bali and Lombok including Vita Valeska & Boby Ari Setiawan.