Through continuous research and challenging myself, I strive to develop a dance language that can be understood and enjoyed by all. 

My aim is to facilitate freedom of expression in dance by questioning and challenging specific dynamics of movement, stimulating imagination, and creating a space where individuals of all backgrounds are welcome to delve into particular perspectives and experiences in a respectful and empowering manner.  



Fanny's main focus is the development of experiential and integrated choreographic methods.

This workshop will explore movement, public space and art objects; how they connect with participants, local communities and those passing by in public spaces.

This will allow all participants to share, dialogue and learn from each other, enriching their own and each other's experiences. Working methods such as improvisation, instant composition, poetry will be explored with a focus on active reflection and exploration of themes such as identity, perception, relationships and our place in the world.

Key questions we will address include how art in public space can bring about social change, create new meanings and address social issues, and how claiming public space empowers new perspectives and voices. As i believe that providing a warm and inspiring environment for critical thinking is essential to the artistic process, feedback sessions will be included. 

"This project will result in an integrated, cross-disciplinary artistic practice that will not only transform society, but also transform the art world into a place where everyone feels represented."

play - connect - dance

 How can dance become more integrated, innovative, evolving, and pleasant by embracing playfulness and imagination?

We will explore forms of movement and dance through; actions, instant composition, improvisation, imagery and also use storytelling approaches to deepen emotional resonance and foster connection throughout the workshop.

Explore your own limitations, experiment involving different dynamics and intensities, and recognise the limits of your physical capacities. Through this workshop, you can tap into a heightened sense of self-awareness and discover new ways to communicate and connect with others through movement.

The workshop invites participants to explore and embrace their own authentic expression, regardless of their physical limitations or background. We have the tools to create an inclusive space where everyone should feel welcomed and cherished.

We will explore different perspectives and interpretations, thereby defining the boundaries of artistic expression and fostering respect for diversity within the group.

 TWOTFAM - The Works Of The Flesh Are Manifest 

- Intimacy & Agency -

Ever wondered about the intricate emotional and physical landscapes that individuals with disabilities navigate?

The workshop takes a deep dive into topics often kept in the shadows: intimacy and sexual agency among those with disabilities.

A chance to broaden your understanding, to engage with profound themes and to connect on a human level.

This isn't just a workshop, it's a journey into empathy, empowerment and enlightenment.

Be part of the conversation, be part of the change.