TRANS'FORM & Re-imagine the public space

Fanny creates choreographies that are usually experimental, constantly challenging herself to look differently at movement and body language. Her unique approach creates a fascinating mix of imagination and physical expression each time she questions the boundaries between dance and performing art. Her work is characterized by an in-depth exploration of themes such as identity, perception, human relations, and our place in the world.

Through her unconventional approach to dance and movement, Fanny knows how to touch people and to think about important issues in society. Her work is a reflection of the world around her and shows how art can serve as a powerful tool for social change. Fanny investigates the limitlessness and universality of the physical form, as well as the impact of materials on the body.

Fanny's main focus will be on developing interactive and inclusive choreographic tools for public spaces to enhance community engagement.

She seeks to learn about the relationship between movement, the body and objects and the attempt to understand how the body and object can establish a connection with visitors and locals of a community in public space. She questions how the collaboration with visual artist Leen Van Tichelen may challenge preconceived thoughts about what dance is and create fresh perspectives on seeing performances in public settings by stretching the bounds of conventional choreography and including inclusive approaches involving individuals and non-normative dancers and bodies. This will lead to an enrichment of her own artistic vocabulary and the creation of performances that celebrate the diversity of the human body.